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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Protecting the privacy, personal information and data of all those who visit our website is our priority so that you can enjoy all our services with maximum security.

Personal data is any information that refers to you, the natural persons who use this website, and can lead to the knowledge or verification of your identity. Examples of such information are your name, address, telephone number, etc. The processing of personal data is any act or series of acts carried out with or without the use of automated means on personal data or sets of personal data such as collection, registration or organization or structuring, storage or adaptation, alteration, retrieval, information search, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, association, combination, limitation, deletion or destruction (articles 4 par. 1&2 of the General Data Protection Regulation).

As part of this ongoing effort, below we will explain to you the nature and way of processing the data we handle as well as your rights in this, so that then, if you agree, you can declare it so that you can make use of our services.

2. Protection of Personal Data

The company FARMAKIO VARSOU-KOSSO E.E. (hereinafter "the Company"), as Data Processor, contained in this website, informs its visitors that the processing of the provided personal data (hereinafter "data") is done in writing, by electronic or telecommunication means, in order to they are provided with the requested service.

In order to process your transactions in our online store and to be able to communicate with you directly, it is possible that you will be asked for some personal information such as your name, email address, etc. If you wish to purchase products from our online store by credit card, you will be asked for information such as the name of the holder, the card number, the expiry date and the CVV number.

3. Purpose of processing

We collect, process and store the personal data and technical information we obtain from your entry to our website, from any telephone or e-mail communication from you or through a contact form: a) in the context of concluding and/or executing a concluded sales contract products and to fulfill the provision of services from the specific website, b) to the extent that this is necessary for the prevention or prosecution of abuse or other illegal behavior on our website, c) if it is necessary for compliance with our legal obligation, such as provided for by the current European and National legislation, as well as if we are legally obliged by a state authority, in view of an official directive or a judicial or other decision of the Authorities, as well as d) to ensure and exercise our legal rights and claims, and our defense and legal defense against any claims raised in the context of the sales contracts, the services provided, from and during the use of this website.

At any time, website users retain the right to check their personal data and to correct, update, or delete it, as well as to exercise their rights, granted to them by the applicable legal provisions.

Strictly following the principles of personal data protection provided by the relevant laws, European Union Regulations and international conventions, is not going to make any illegal use without your prior approval.

The data kept in the file may be communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and in accordance with the applicable relevant legislative provisions. Finally, in accordance with telecommunications privacy legislation, you have the rights to information and objection, provided for in Articles 15 to 20 of the current European General Data Protection Regulation.

4. What personal data we collect and process

In addition to the above-mentioned personal data such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number, during each visit to our website, further data is automatically collected for technical reasons, such as the IP address, which the internet access provider on your computer to connect to the internet, or information about the web page from which you visited our site, or in relation to the internet browser used by you (technical information). Self

technical information may, in individual cases, constitute personal data. As a general rule, we use technical data, however, only to the extent that this is necessary for technical reasons, for the operation and protection of our website against attacks and abuse, as well as in pseudonymous or anonymous form for statistical purposes.

5. How we use your personal data

We collect, process and store the personal data and technical information we obtain from your entry to our website, from any telephone or e-mail communication from you or through a contact form: a) in the context of concluding and/or executing a concluded sales contract products and to fulfill the provision of services from the specific website, b) following your express consent which is given either once when you register on the website, or at any other time you wish, in order to receive informative material - offers for our products , c) to the extent that this is necessary to prevent or prosecute abuse or other illegal behavior on our website, d) to the extent that it is necessary to comply with our legal obligation, as provided by current European and National legislation, as well as and if we are legally required by a government body, in view of an official directive or a judicial or other decision of the Authorities, as well as e) to ensure and exercise our legal rights and claims, and to defend and legally defend us against any claims raised in context of the sales contracts, the services provided, from and during the use of this website.

A) Visit the website

- Log files

When you visit the pages of our website, the following data will, as a rule, be stored for technical reasons in so-called log files:

- The IP address (Internet Protocol address) of the access computer.

- The website from which you are visiting us (recommendation).

- Our websites you visit.

- The date and duration of the visit

- Browser type and browser settings.

- Operating system.

The data will be stored as a technical precaution to protect data processing systems against unauthorized access.

- Use of cookies

We use so-called cookies on our websites. Cookies are text files that allow us to make your visit to our website as comfortable as possible. This includes, for example, the default settings for the presentation of our website or shopping cart functions, as well as the possibility of single registration, so that you only have to register on our website once. Cookies contain a unique combination of letters/numbers that identifies the browser used by you. These cookies are stored on your computer temporarily and are only transmitted to our server when you visit our website. We mainly use session cookies, which are not stored on your hard drive and are deleted when the browser is closed or after long periods of inactivity.

You can get more information in the article on our page about the Cookies Policy.

B) Registration, login and order

When you register and are logged in, or when you place an order, or when you start to place an order but do not complete it, we collect, process and use the personal data and information you provide us within the framework of applicable personal data protection legislation. In this context, we may contact you at the e-mail address that you have already notified us with your registration and in accordance with the consent you have given us, during registration, proposing you products and services based on the information we received during your previous logins in the online store or when trying to place your order.

When you are ready to order a product or service from our online store, you are invited to fill out online fields in which there are mandatory and optional information registration fields. The necessary information for the completion and delivery of the order is collected from the mandatory fields, which necessarily include your name, address for delivery and billing, as well as information about the payment method you have chosen.

Communicating information about our product range and special promotions and other updates

- Upon your consent we use your data for the information you have ordered or attempted to order

te from the range of products and for other promotions from the site to the email address provided by you. You can disable this email feature at any time.

- We may also use your information to send you information about site promotions and special offers. You can object to this email feature at any time.

- We want you to enjoy reading our emails and in order to continuously improve their content we measure and store message open and click rates, i.e. if you open our emails, what content of the emails you open, and if and why our emails may not have been delivered. We may also use this data for statistical purposes.

- Certain informative communications which are necessary for the execution of the contract between us and the operation of the site, for example regarding services (e.g. confirmation of registration, information from the customer service department) or services subject to charges ( e.g. order confirmation, contract related, payment processing) cannot be disabled. Such notifications will be sent to the contact information provided by you.

6. To whom we transmit your personal data

When transmitting your personal data, we always ensure the highest possible level of security. Your data is transmitted to service providers and partner companies, which have been carefully selected and contractually bound in advance. In addition, your data is only transmitted to entities located within the European Economic Area and therefore subject to the strict EU legislation on the protection of personal data, or to entities outside the EEA. which, however, have the necessary certifications and commitments for their compliance with corresponding European safety standards.

- Transmission to service providers

In order to operate the site and complete your orders, we cooperate with various companies such as e.g. central IT services, web hosting companies, banking companies, transport companies to which we transmit the necessary data for the execution of our contracts. Some of these companies work with us as external data processors, and therefore use the data provided only in accordance with our instructions. We have entered into special agreements with these companies to take and observe the necessary security and protection measures for your personal data, with the obligation to continuously monitor these measures on a regular basis. To the above companies cooperating with us, we transmit the absolutely necessary personal data of our customers in order to be able to execute the contract for the sale of products between us and to fulfill the provision of our services to you. The transfer in question is always carried out with absolute security and within the framework of the actions and measures provided for by European and National law. Especially with regard to the processing of your data by third parties for the execution of your contracts and the provision of services, the following applies:

- For the delivery of goods to transport companies and to companies providing postal services, as specified by placing the order.

- To pay for the goods to the payment service providers you specify when placing the order. In case of payment by credit card, it is carried out through the payment server service provider to the cooperating Bank that you indicate in the Payment methods of our website. In case of payment via PayPal, it is carried out and processed by PayPal (Europe) S.àr.l. etCie, S.C.A., 22-24 BoulevardRoyal, L-2449 Luxembourg, no. commercial register: R.C.S. Luxembourg B 118 349. In case of payment via electronic bank deposit, it is carried out and processed by the Banking Institution you choose. During the payment process, we do not record or store payment information during that transaction, such as credit card numbers or other banking or other information. You provide this information directly to the respective payment service provider exclusively.

7. Data security

The security of your personal data is a top priority for us and for this purpose we implement the most sophisticated security systems and procedures that guarantee their appropriate security, through the appropriate technical and organizational measures for their effective protection, including from unauthorized or illegal e

processing and misuse by third parties, accidental loss, etc. In particular, our employees, who process personal data, are committed to maintaining confidentiality. To protect your personal data, it is transmitted in encrypted form.

We use the TLS = TransportLayerSecurity system to protect communication through your web browser. This is recognizable by the padlock displayed by your browser in case of a TLS connection. In order to ensure the long-term protection of your data, the technical security measures are regularly monitored and adapted to the respective prevailing technology standards.

8. Duration of data storage

Your personal data is kept only for the period required to fulfill the purpose for which it is collected and processed, as mentioned above. From the moment you choose to cancel your account on this website, your data will be deleted at your request within a reasonable period of time and in any case within three (3) months. Your bank details that may be requested are managed by the bank service provider and kept by us only for as long as is necessary for the relationship or the fulfillment of the commercial transaction. The data collected through the use of cookies are kept for 12 months from the moment you give your consent, upon entering our website, for the use of cookies.

9. Your Rights

We apply the most advanced security systems and procedures to protect your personal data and to fully and unhindered exercise your legal rights. In the context of your continuous and immediate service, we ensure that you are informed about your personal data that is processed by us, that you have access to it, as well as to exercise your rights to correct or delete it, as long as the legal conditions are met as defined by the current European and National legislation.

The fastest and simplest way to achieve this is to log in to the customer account and immediately either edit the data stored there, or delete your account completely. In the latter case, your data is not destroyed but remains locked for the absolutely necessary period of time defined by our institutional, contractual or legal obligations. In this case, upon your request, your personal data will be deleted. In any case and if you so wish, you are given the opportunity to receive the data concerning you and which you have provided in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format as long as your request does not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of other persons. We are committed to providing you with your data as quickly as possible.

If you believe that your rights have been violated, you can file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority (Kifisias 1-3 postal address, PO Box 115 23, Athens, tel. 2106475600,

Summarizing the above by entering our website and in order to complete your browsing and to order a product or to provide you with a requested service, you must consent either each time you enter, or once upon registering as a customer: a) in the processing of your preferences and orders for the compilation of your consumer profile, b) in the sending of informational and advertising messages by electronic or regular mail, c) in the use of cookies as detailed above, d) in the transmission of the necessary and only necessary personal data to third parties, as detailed above.

The above express consent can be revoked at any time. We ask for your understanding that it may take a reasonable amount of time for technical reasons to implement your objection/revocation of consent and you continue to receive notices from us in the meantime.

For the purposes of withdrawing your consent or objecting, a simple notification of these to us is sufficient. For this purpose, you can use our contact details below without any charge. To the extent that you receive information from us by email, you can do so even more easily by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link included in the email.

10. Changes to this Privacy Notice

We wish to always present our customers with attractive product offers and therefore constantly adapt our product range to our customers' wishes. Therefore, it may be necessary to renew and amend this policy and art

data protection update. We recommend that you read this procedure at regular intervals in order to be informed of any changes in the content of this personal data protection policy.

 To the extent that such modifications may affect the consent granted by you, we will notify you accordingly.